Little Brazil (Manhattan, NY)
By Robert DeFalco, Robert DeFalco Realty
(Robert DeFalco Realty)
Spotlight on Little Brazil, ManhattanLittle Brazil refers to a small enclave of Midtown Manhattan located along a single block of West 46th Street, between Fifth and sixth Avenues. As the name suggests, the area is mostly comprised of Brazilian commercial enterprises and restaurants. The block can be identified by signs along the 46th Street, in addition to the prominent use of yellow and green –the colors of the Brazilian flag --by many of the area’s vendors. And while the Brazilian population of New York has long spread out from this single block, with many now residing in Astoria, a number of long-standing Brazilian businesses remain –most notably, the headquarters of The Brazilians, a monthly bilingual newspaper that has been printed for the past 40 years and maintains a nationwide ...
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