Koreatown (Manhattan, NY)
By Robert DeFalco, Robert DeFalco Realty
(Robert DeFalco Realty)
Spotlight on Koreatown, Manhattan Koreatown is a small subsection of Midtown Manhattan. The neighborhood is located between Fifth and Sixth Avenues from 31st to 33rd Streets, although most of the businesses are tightly packed into the one 32nd Street block. Giving off an authentic Korean ambiance, the establishments are small, independently run, and often located on top of each other, on the third or fourth floor. In just this tiny subset of the city, the New York City Korean Chamber of Commerce estimates there to be over 100 small businesses.Food is a highlight of Koreatown, with endless options for authentic Korean cuisine, Korean fusion, and baked goods –and many of the restaurants are open 24/7. If you’re interested in cooking up your own Korean dinner, check out one of the grocery ...
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