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 "The Truth is Out There" Aliens spoke with Vegas Bob 11-14-2009 in Rachel Nevada (Area 51)    On my visit to Rachel Nevada (Area 51) I set up my chair and began to watch the sun go down next to this (Famous Mail Box). How many of you have watched the X-Files and know about this mail box?  This Mail Box (below) is owned by Steve Medlin and located only minutes from the gates at (Area 51). There have been more UFO sightings at this location than anywhere in the (World). I have been at this location several times and viewed moving objects with large groups of people from different states across the country that belong to UFO sighting groups.  Saturday evening 1-14-2009 I sat (alone) so I thought, in my fold out chair with temperatures in the low 40s with 30 mile an hour winds.  As the sun...
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 Vegas Bob is headed to Rachel Nevada - Area 51  I finally came across some free time and two days off from my construction project on the Strip!  So I am headed to Area 51 to chat with my friend and owner of the Little Alien Inn in Rachel Nevada only several miles from the gates of Area 51.  We are going to chat about a book signing I am setting up for (Travis Walton) another friend of mine.  Travis Walton wrote the book "The Travis Walton Experience" or another title "Fire in the Sky" back in the early 70s. The book has been (out of print) for many, many years and if you try to purchase an old copy they run about $150 dollars.  I have agreed to fund the publishing of Travis Waltons book and set up a book signing in Rachel Nevada and Las Vegas Nevada.  Travis Walton is a very interesti...
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 If we ever went to war with these individuals how would we defend our country or world?  With the technology and advanced aircraft that these individuals have how could our country ever go up against them?  And for any reason you or other individuals don't believe in these types then you will have a rude awakening when their presence and connection with our Government & World is leaked out.  They have been coming here for thousands of years and will continue to come to Earth to visit or? We just have to hope and pray that they are not hostel, and if they are what are we going to do about it?  Post & Pic by Robert Swetz (Vegas Bob)  www.UFOsAliens.org  
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 Please take a look at this monument placed in Rachel Nevada from Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation April 18th 1996.  These words are very interesting ..........  This time capsule will serve as a beacon, to be opened in the year 2050 AD, by which interplanetary travelers shall be regular guests of our planet earth!  People on earth trying to make peace with travelers from other planets, I like that and now if only we could make peace with one another on our own planet.  Photograph by Robert Swetz (Vegas Bob) - Rachel Nevada - "Extraterrestrial Highway"  www.SearchMyPics.com  www.UFOsAliens.org    
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 Short Film about Rachel Nevada (Area 51) by: Vegas Bob  I purchased a new digital video camera for my visit to Rachel Nevada (Area 51). I did some filming in the day and the evening and will be posting a short film on (U-Tube) as soon as I figure out how to do it.  I have captured Rachel Nevada many different times with my regular camera (still) shots. The digital video camera is so much different because you have movement and (Audio).  If you would like to look at some of my photographs please check them out at one of my groups .........  PARANORMAL STORIES & EXPERIENCES  It is a fun group, but it has been quiet because everyone is so busy selling Real Estate.  My visit to Rachel was very interesting and it always is. I spent half of my time in the only restaurant in town which has Al...
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(Vegas Bob) has some very special friends that need gas and a place to park their vehicle sometimes. And Rachel Nevada is a place where my little friends do both!  My little friends are familiar with self parking!  Rachel Nevada (Area 51)  The only problem with my Little Friends is when ever they leave, I have a problem capturing them with my camera! photographs above taken by: Robert Swetz in Rachel, Nevada: duplicating in any form is in violation of copyright infringement and subject to fines.  Please look at my new web site on photography www.SearchMyPics.com  Real Estate www.VegasBuildingsForSale.com  Real Estate www.LakeOwner.com   
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By Robert Vegas Bob Swetz
 Yes, I'm back in the saddle again and it feels great. After my little crash at DMV one month ago -  Robert Swetz crashes Motorcycle at DMV in Las Vegas, Nevada  I am feeling better after my crash and I jumped on my iron horse on Saturday 3-7-2009 and you will never guess where I went?   Yes I went back up to Rachel Nevada at Area 51. Why? Because I wanted to pick up some Alien t-shirts for some of my relatives, I wanted a little piece of mind and it's only 150 miles from Las Vegas. It is a beautiful drive and I did keep my eyes open for any strange activity in the sky.  There were a couple of very interesting signs along the way that I thought you might like. The sign below is filled with stickers tha tpeople stuck on it when visiting Rachel. These people are from all over the USA and ...
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 Our visit to Area 51 in Rachel - Nevada by: Robert Swetz  When growing up I was always interested in Sci-fi movies stories, etc. I watched Star Trek when I was young, X-Files and many other movies. Movies like Contact with Jody Foster, Alien - Aliens, Communion with Christopher Walken and my favorite (Fire in the Sky) which was based on actual events.  If you have never seen Fire in the Sky and you like Science Fiction this movie is great. The event took place in Snow Flake Arizona and it helped to make me a believer, (not a good movie for children)!  The crash in Roswell story goes that in 1948 a UFO crashed in Roswell New Mexico, but it was really in Corona New Mexico which is approx 45 minutes NW of Roswell. The deb-re from the crash & body's were taken to Roswell and then brought ...
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By Robert Vegas Bob Swetz
 "On the Road Again" by Robert Swetz  Yes (Vegas Bob) is on the move again, a "Rolling Stone gathers no moss"  My wife and I are headed to a (Area) that has a number behind it. It is about a 3 hour drive north of Las Vegas Nevada.  I have two cameras, three lens, extra batteries and extra sim cards for the cameras. We will be taking photographs along the way and when we reach our destination. If there is a place to stay when we get there, then we will do an over-nighter. I really don't think there will be a place to stay because the government doesn't like people around this (Area).  I might be able to post my blog this evening so stay tuned.  Will we doing anything were not suppose to, (No)!  I am a person that stays far from trouble and I have a little more brains than this.  If there...
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                                What really goes on over at Area 51 in the State of Nevada?  There have been so many stories about Area 51, aliens, spaceships, etc., and I have always wondered what goes on there?  I have heard from many different people in Las Vegas and the State of Nevada that you don't really want to know what goes on there. Why not? Don't we live in a country that we the people should know what goes on in America.  The government covers up Area 51, and many other things in this country. You have the FBI, the CIA, Area 51, what is all this about.  Anyway, I really don't want to ask to many questions, because some one may come back with true answers and then (they) will be looking for me. If you know what I mean.  In the map above, the area in tan color in Nevada is Ar...
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