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Posted on May 8, 2011 by ufogemini Sherry in Rachel Nevada (AREA 51) 2011    Vegas Bob had a interview with a Japanese television program straight from Japan in Rachel Nevada (AREA 51) today 5-7-2011  I received a phone call from a young Japanese lady in New York several days ago about UFOs and AREA 51. When I first heard the voice mail I thought it was some type of joke and VB wasn’t even going to return the call, but I did!  It had to be one of the most interesting moments I have had all year. I arrived early in Rachel Nevada at the Little A’ Le’ Inn and had a quick bite to eat, the famous “Alien Burger” and fries.  As I was finishing up my burger a young Japanese lady walked through the door asking to speak with the owner of the restaurant. I walked up to her and introduced myself a...
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Posted on May 5, 2011 by ufogemini Vegas Bob gets his share of strange & weird calls from time to time, but today 4-4-2011 Vegas Bob received a call that he missed, but the callers left a message on his voice mail. The call was from New York and within the message a lady mentioned that a film crew was going to be coming to Las Vegas and then they were headed to AREA 51. She asked if Vegas Bob had ever seen UFOs and if he would be interested in doing a interview to be televised on a Japanese television program. When I first listened to the voice mail I was real unsure about if I would call them back, this sounded a little bit off the wall. Well if anyone knows Vegas Bob you probably know exactly what he did, Vegas Bob returned the call to find out this lady was telling the truth. This sm...
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Photograph taken by Robert (Vegas Bob) Swetz 2011 Little A’Le’InnLittle A’Le’Inn Place page HC61 Box 45 1 Old Mill Road, NV 89001 (775) 729-2515 Get directions - Is this accurate? Open Mon-Tue 8am-8pm; Wed-Sun 8am-10pm 66 reviews ► LITTLE A’ LE‘ INN – Rachel Nevada (AREA 51) by Robert … 8 min – May 23, 2010 – Uploaded by swetz777 This is about a 8 minute Video of the (LITTLE A’ LE‘ INN) in downtown Rachel Nevada. This Restaurant, Bar/ Inn has been in many … www.youtube.com/watch?v=fhmNjHKYYBg More videos for Vegas Bob and the Little Alien inn Rachel … » Vegas Bob is headed to Rachel Nevada – Area 51 Nov 14, 2009 … Vegas Bob is headed to Rachel Nevada – Area 51 I finally came across some … owner of the Little Alien Inn in Rachel Nevada only several miles, activerain.com/…/vegas-bob-is-h...
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We live in such a "Small World" Sherry and I shot this short video 2 weeks ago not even knowing about the new comedy movie coming out on March 18th 2011. When I viewed the movie clip and saw one of Vegas Bob's stomping grounds I had to show Sherry, she really wants to see the movie now that she has been out to Rachel Nevada around AREA 51. Robert Vegas Bob Swetz The (New) Movie "Paul" about the little Alien that comes out March 18th was filmed here ...http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ni4mndHXmLw Crashed UFO in AREA 51 (Where the Paul "Alien" Movie was filmed) 2-21-2011 www.youtube.com The (New Movie Paul) about the Alien from Area 51 was filmed at this location. The movie "Paul" comes out March 18 - 2011 Vegas Bob Captures unbelievable photo at AREA 51! Feb 20, 2011 ... Vegas Bob capture...
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Photograph taken in Rachel Nevada (AREA 51) 2011 Sherry was hungry and a little tired from our drive from Las Vegas Nevada to Rachel which is around 130 miles one way. So I couldn’t get her to smile when I took this photograph, not only that Sherry mentioned to me to me that UFO Spacecrafts don’t use our gas. When I took this funny photograph it was windy and around 45 degrees, I think this ET fueling up needs to put some clothes on before he/ she freezes their rear end … ;o) If you click on this URL below it will take you to 4 funny videos of Sherry acting in her first Sci-Fi roles, their very short and quite entertaining. ufosaliens.org | do you believe? Robert (Vegas Bob) Swetz visits Rachel Nevada around every other month and goes to … Vegas Bob captures Alien sitting on top of fam...
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Rachel Nevada is located approximately 130 miles from Las Vegas, give or take a few miles. The Speed limit up to Rachel in most areas is 70 miles per hour so you can drive from Vegas to Rachel in about 1 hour and 45 minutes because you have to slow down in the small towns along the way. Directions are easy I-15 North to Hwy 93 North, then take the 375 exit to Rachel Nevada. Rachel Nevada has a population of around 98 Humans and undisclosed count of Aliens. Rachel is less then 8 miles from the Gates of Area 51 but I wouldn't suggest hanging around there unless your looking for trouble. This mailbox that my daughter is standing on was called for many years the (BLACK MAILBOX) and has been talked about in many Hollywood movies, the X-Files and more. Word has it there have been more UFO Sig...
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Vegas Bob captures Alien sitting on top of famous mail box at AREA 51 Posted on February 21, 2011 by ufogemini Photograph taken by Robert Swetz 2-20-2011 – All rights reserved -   Robert (Vegas Bob) Swetz was in Rachel Nevada today 2-20-2011 on ET highway less then 2 hour from Las Vegas Nevada. As I was driving by the (Famous) Black/ now White mailbox where there have been more UFO sighting then anywhere in the World I saw a Alien sitting on top of the mailbox. I was driving so fast that I had to turn around and try and get back before the Alien either ran away or got back into the ship to leave. I had to sneak up from the side with my high powered telephoto lens so the Alien would not see me, and what a classic photo shot I captured!   http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nevada_State_Route_375
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Posted on February 20, 2011 by ufogemini Can anyone tell me why Robert (Vegas Bob) Swetz and his daughter are driving up to AREA 51? Astronaut Gordon Cooper interview – UFOs are Real Please stay tuned for the latest ….   Why is Vegas Bob & his daughter headed to AREA 51?
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Posted on February 20, 2011 by ufogemini Exclusive interview with Gordon Cooper blows lid off 50-year cover-up “I know other astronauts share my feelings” declared Cooper, 69, who went into space aboard a Mercury craft in 1963 and on a Gemini craft two years later. “And we know the government is sitting on hard evidence of UFOs Cooper said he first encountered UFOs as a military pilot in Germany in the early 1950s, when unidentified craft were spotted over an air base. “We thought they could have been Russian, we regularly had MiG-150s overflying our base.” We scrambled our Sabre jets to intercept and got our ceiling at 45,000 feet … and they were still way above us traveling faster than we were. “These vehicles were in formation like a fighter group, but they were metallic silver and ...
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Have you ever been to AREA 51 in Rachel Nevada? Vegas Bob has and here's what he saw ...   It has been about 6 months since I have been to AREA 51 in Rachel Nevada so I am taking a drive out there again today to shoot some more Video so until then watch this Video I shot in May of 2010 and ... "Have a Wonderful Day"
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Did Robert Swetz (Vegas Bob) get abducted at (Area 51)? "You Decide"   This short Video was taken several months ago and some very strange things that happened to "Vegas Bob" on his last visit to (Area 51). Vegas Bob sort of blacked out and lost around two hours of time and when he woke up well you take a look!
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Very interesting Video of Robert Swetz (Vegas Bob) at "Area 51" in Nevada   Here is a Video I shot several months ago at the gates of "Area 51" which is highly restricted by the United States Government, etc. And also some Video footage of the Black/ White mailbox in "Area 51" only minutes south of Rachel Nevada. This mailbox has been talked about in many different Sci-Fi movies including the X-flies and 100s of 1000s of people visit this mailbox every year and "WHY?" There have been more UFO sightings from the area of this mailbox in "Area 51" then any other place in the world and "WHY?"
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The LITTLE A' LE' INN is a restaurant located in Rachel Nevada around 120 miles north of Las Vegas Nevada. This restaurant has been in many different "Hollywood Films" through out the years and people travel from around the world to visit The LITTLE A' LE' INN because it is only minutes from the gates of (AREA 51). Travis Walton is doing a book signing for his republished book .... "Fire in the Sky" and I would everyone to come and meet Travis. Travis will be signing books May 29 -2010 in Rachel and May 30 - 2010 in Alamo. Video taken by Robert Swetz (Vegas Bob) - May 22 - 2010 in Rachel Nevada - All rights reserved -
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This Video was taken at (AREA 51) May 22 2010 by Robert Swetz (Vegas Bob) and it is one of the gates only minutes from Rachel Nevada. The rest of the Video is VB talking about my time spent at at "Area 51" and my opinions on UFOs, Aliens and life on other planets. I would also like to remind everyone about my friend (Travis Walton) and his book signing for his re-published book (Fire in the Sky). It will be a lot of fun and Travis will be sharing his experience, signing books and maybe sitting by the "Famous Mailbox" in the Video above.
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Video of "Area 51" in Rachel Nevada, the White/ Black Mailbox & Travis Walton visiting "Area 51" by Robert Swetz ...... This Post is for you Travis Walton and we are looking forward to your visit to "Area 51" Rachel & Alamo Nevada on May 29-30 2010.... And can I ask you a Stupid Question????? How will you be traveling from Snowflake AZ to Rachel Nevada???? By (Space Ship)!!! Just (kidding) buddy and I look forward to spending some time with you and your fans in Rachel Nevada .... Story and Video by Robert Swetz (Vegas Bob) Video shot at "Area 51" in Rachel Nevada May 22-2010 - All rights reserved -
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 My dear friend Travis Walton has finished the republishing of his very interesting book "Fire in the Sky" which has been (out of print) for around 15 years.  Vegas Bob helped Travis find a publishing company and helped him in other ways to get this new edition complete, and I am very proud of Travis for hanging in there when the chips were down.  Travis & Vegas Bob will be in Rachel Nevada (Area 51) only 130 miles north of Las Vegas May 29th & Alamo Nevada May 30th only 45 minutes from Rachel Nevada for a (Special) book signing.  Travis Walton is a very interesting person and he will be answering questions about his disappearance for 5 days and what he experienced when he was on the space ship.  I will be posting several posts per week about the (Special) book signing and we hope to se...
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 I came across this article at yahoo news when I was posting the other day, the title of the article went something like this ...  If Et's are real then humans should avoid contact with them, now why would anyone say this?  Now when the Truth comes out on Et's/ Aliens and their existence I just want everyone to remember "Spaceman Swetz" aka Vegas Bob and all of the posts, stories and pics I have shared around the Activerain Network. Believe me it's just a matter of time before the Truth is exposed.  I believe there are Et's/ Aliens from different Worlds and not all of them are friendly!  Now if you have any great stories on Ghosts, Aliens and the Paranormal please feel free to post them at one of the most "Out of this World" groups at Activerain.  Please take a look at a story and photo...
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  "Do you believe in Aliens?" The Black/ White Mailbox at Area 51 in Nevada by: Robert Swetz (Vegas Bob)  This photograph (above) is the very Famous Mailbox at Area 51!  This White Mailbox use to be painted Black and people travel from around the World and possibly other Planets to be around and near this Mailbox and Why?  Because there have been more UFO Sightings at this location then anywhere in the World, and if you don't believe me on your next visit to Las Vegas Nevada take a drive up to the Famous Mailbox.  It's less then a 2 hour drive north of Las Vegas Nevada. And if you ever visit the Famous Mailbox make sure your not alone, who knows what might happen!    When growing up I was always interested in Sci-fi movies stories, etc. I watched Star Trek when I was young, X-Files and ...
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 Area 51 Adult Club - Totally topless ....... but who cares?  I ran across this t-shirt when I was visiting Rachel Nevada at Area 51, I was was trying to figure out what the meaning of the shirt meant, can anyone help me here?  Are they trying to say that a totally topless female alien is unattractive.  I was told that some aliens are neither male or female, so what would the meaning of this t-shirt describe? "Inquiring Minds" want to know!   www.UFOsAliens.org Post &  Pic by Robert Swetz (Vegas Bob) 1-31-2010 Photo © Robert Swetz.  All Rights Reserved
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