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 Another beautiful Sunday at Red Rock Canyon, only 15 - 20 minutes west of the Las Vegas Strip.  Temperatures where in the upper 70s on Sunday 3-1-2009 and we went for a hike around one of the most beautiful areas just on the edge of Las Vegas.  I have posted several blogs with photographs of the Canyon, but it is just so beautiful I want to keep sharing with people so if they ever visit Las Vegas they will be sure to see Red Rock Canyon.  The photo above was taken just before sundown on the loop drive running throw one of the parks. There are hiking trails ever where, some easy, some difficult, some short hikes and some long.  I have also posted several photos below and one group called:                          Rate ROBERT SWETZ'S - Photographs 1 to 10  So if you would like to rate m...
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 Bonnie Springs Ranch was originally built in 1843 as a stop over for the wagon trains going to California down the Old Spanish Trail.  In 1846, General Fremont, on his way to California, stopped at what is now Bonnie Springs Ranch to gear up for his trip through Death Valley. Since 1952, the ranch has been used as a tourist attraction. Often called "an oasis in the desert", where you can stop for a cool drink of spring water.  Bonnie Springs Ranch got its start back in the early 1950's when Al Levinson, a recently arrived New Yorker, met and married Las Vegas dancer and showgirl, Bonnie McGaugh.  Bonnie passed her strong love for the West and its historic past onto her husband, and together they ambitiously decided to recreate and preserve as much of the wild old Nevada as they could....
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