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By Larry Matthews, Larry Matthews DAC Broker and Appraiser
(Hants Realty Limited)
  List My Home in Lantz       Hello my name is Larry Matthews and I've been selling real estate in Lantz Nova Scotia now for almost 40 years. I do a lot of marketing directed towards Nova Scotia's working out west whose shift schedule allows them to live at home and commutte back and forth from their job out west and their home in Nova Scotia. I'm finding quite a few of them are wanting locate near the airport in the communities of Enfield, Elmsdale and Lantz. We all know why. Because it is just a great place to live and raise a family. In the past few weeks I've sold homes on Poplar Drive in Lantz, The Enfield Road and the Renfrew Road. Not to mention homes in Milford, Shubenacadie and Stewiacke. I have an extensive on line marketing system that promotes East Hants homes all across Ca...
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