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By Brian Gaverth, Realtor(r), CDPE(r)
(Redfin Corporation)
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By Rosemarie Villanova
(Diane Turton, Realtors)
Hold on to your hats!!!!! The worst is yet to come!!!!!!!! As realtors we have been holding onto our seats for about 6 months. We went into 2007 with a positive attitude and it looks as though we are trying to bring in 2009 with the same enthusiasm we had in 2007. Here are some insights to the comming year!!!!!! Hold on!!!!! All year we have been told if the house is priced right it will sell !!!!!! Guess What!!!!!! They are right!!! It will sell!!! So why are all the realtors still taking Over Prices Listings? The answer to this question is: most are afraid if we don't we won't have any business! NOT TRUE!! If we do not take (this means all of us) over priced listings the SELLERS will finally get the message ...THEY HAVE TO PRICE THEIR HOUSE RIGHT! Make it easier on yourselves DON'T TA...
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