Country Woods (Holmdel, NJ)
By Corinne Kaas, Transforming Your Home With Design And Style
(Harmonizing Homes LLC)
Fake it!Well, not really...but buy doing the seven steps below, a sellers home will have the illusion that it is bigger than it really is.  Home buyers are always looking for a bigger try these simple steps Bedroom: Remove one piece of furniture - an ottoman or a second nightstand.  If  buyer bumps into furniture while visiting a room, it will be a major turn off. Windows: Take down worn drapes.  - Bare windows always make your home look bigger, install some blinds and keep them drawn up. Closet: Empty closets by two thirds to create a plenty-of-storage feel. Den: You can double other people's perception of your home's play space - just pack up and put away half of your kids' toys. Kitchen: Clear small appliances off your counters.  By reducing what is on your counters, you a...
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