The Galaxy (Guttenberg, NJ)
By Munish Sawhney
(Keller Williams Realty)
Why Some Homes Sit While Other Homes Sell In NJ There are a lot of home in the market for buyers to chose from. Why some homes sit while other homes sell in this real estate market? The answer to this question many seller are asking is that there are two very important parts of a sale, number one is the price and number to is the condition. when the price is below market value and the condition is above average the home gets offers and eventually sells. Yes, in this market. So why some homes sit and other homes sell in NJ; the answer is you need to bring the price down and the condition up for your home to be in the market place. If its not positioned in the market, then you are either in no mans land or out of the market. The question you need to ask yourself is; do i want to sell my h...
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