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Desperate to catch a fish, I'm about to poach at the Pequest Trout Hatchery, Warren County NJ I know they're in there because I've seen total strangers pull trout from the Pohatcong Creek right at my front yard. Even though it isn't being stocked right now, the darn things ARE in that water at my home! My buddy Jim Heebner at The Owl's Nest showed me which end of the pole to point at the water - plus sells me squirmy worms genetically engineered to attract the very biggest trout. Well, Jim never mentioned the DNA business but I'm confident his bait is magical and not just pulled from the ground... Almost to the extreme of buying a silly hat and a camo vest, I wanted to see what these fish looked like in the water. Perhaps those things that look like sticks aren't the best goal. A shame ...
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Going the extra Mile for Sellers along the Route 78 Corridor - Tool for Pricing your Northwestern NJ Home for Sale Although I publish monthly market reports for many of the Warren and Hunterdon County areas I serve, I'm helping potential sellers in Great Meadows decide whether or not to list their home for sale.  They do not have to move. Giving them solid facts is a job I take very seriously. Whether or not they opt to list the home along the Route 78 corridor is their business. The data upon which they decide is my business!     My brokerage has a fabulous report that I think far outweighs a basic CMA. We call it a Price Trend Analysis. It takes forever to pull it together but I'm delighted to do PTA every time. And I have that for discussing with these folks. Although the GSMLS syste...
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