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By Juan Valdez
(Priority Bail)
NJ Bail Bond Process & The Court SystemBail is used to guarantee the appearance of a criminal defendant in court. Our licensed bail agents (also known as a bail bondsman) can answer all your specific questions or give you more bail bond information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Please call at 732-277-9040. After The Arrest When an individual is arrested, generally, they will be taken to a local law enforcement station for booking. During the arrest and booking process, bail will be set, if applicable. After they have been booked, the defendant has several options for release. They may be released on a citation, they may be released on their Own Recognizance (meaning their own promise to appear in court), they may post the total amount of bail in cash directly with the jail, in some si...
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By Jeff Belonger, The FHA Expert - FHA Loans - FHA mortgages - USDA loans - VA Loans
( Social Media - Infinity Home Mortgage Company, Inc)
    I was first tagged by Jeff Dowler over here, realtown.com/my-personal-experience/super-8-meme. This was all started because of Mary McKnight. I think these are fun. For many of you that don't know what a MEME is, it's something that was started on the internet a few years ago. Wikipedia defines Internet meme here. But when it comes to blogging, a meme is like an internet chain letter. It tells you things about myself that you would normally not know about me. My original meme is here. What's this MEME phenomenon going on in the blogging world? Well, I have been tagged, or in this case, Memed !!! I ended up doing 3 monre, so there is plenty of information about me. When Jeff Dowler tagged me, this is what I wrote. Jeff Belonger's Meme This new wave of meme's that Mary started is a li...
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By Jamie Stimpson
(Keller Williams West Monmouth)
   If you are looking for something to do with the kids ,Durand Park in Freehold Township is a great way to spend an hour or two. In any season  the trails are great to walk on . We often see wildlife including rabbits , shrews, deer, and birds. Some winters the lake freezes over enough to walk out on . In the spring there is a butterfly field on the far side of the lake to check out. My children love to go there and explore. We are fortunate enough to live within biking distance, but the park is convenient for all .Located between Rt. 537 and Rt, 79 in East Freehold it has plenty of parking as well as picnic tables by the butterfly field if you want to pack lunch.If you want to get away from it all in the middle of town , do not miss this!
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