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Although, the housing market in CamdenCountyas a whole has shown some drops in the key metrics for the 3rd Quarter of this year some of the areas that we market homes show slightly different numbers. If you wish to compare the figures as they relate to Camden County, click here to view the latest...

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As posted by Rich Bradley on TVPG Radio: We had an interesting guest on our radio show (www.blogtalkradio.com/get-more-business) who gave us some insight into growing a business. Ok, maybe I should choose a word other than "grow" since our guest - Adam Horning - owns a lawn-car business. The rea...
As posted by Rich Bradley on TVPG Radio: On this week's radio show, we touched on the subject of diversification vs. specialization. While we weren't to come to a conclusion favoring one or the other, we were at least able to reach a consensus that it really depends on a number of factors, and th...

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