Shady Creek (Salisbury, NC)
By Eric Ekovich
(Builders Direct Online .com)
Get Cash Back on Your New Home in Shady Creek, salisbury NC If you plan on buying a new home in Shady Creek or anywhere else in Salisbury NC, WHY NOT get an additional 1% Cash Rebate on your Purchase? ... I'll show you how! View Salisbury Homes for Sale Print Your Cash Back Coupon and SAVE $$$ The Community of Shady Creek is located in Rowan County, Salisbury NC. Shady Creek Home Builders:Mike Robson Const. * Schools:Faith, Southeast, Carson High ** Community Features: The Real Estate Brokers printed on your REBATE Coupon will give their clients an additional 1% Cash Back. Coupons are valid in all of North and South Carolina in addition to Charlotte Homes for Sale. While you are out searching for your new home and spending time in the Shady Creek Salisbury, NC area, you may want to visi...
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