Township At Colony Park (Ridgeland, MS)
By Jeffrey Dillon, Front Gate Realty
(The Dillon Team, Front Gate Realty)
RIDGELAND - With Consumers facing skyrocketing prices at every turn, Fusion Coffeehouse announced the unprecedented decision to dramatically lower prices on their most popular drinks.  Located in the Township at Colony Park, Fusion today began offering all espresso drinks at substantially reduced prices... some as much as .75 cents lower!  "We have heard that there customers were having to cut back on their preferred espresso drinks, opting instead for cheaper drip coffee or fewer visits to the coffee shop," said Fusion owner Tripp Douglas. "Well, we thought that was a terrible thing-because no one should have to face this economy without some espresso every day!"With the price reductions, Fusion now boasts the lowest espresso prices in town. Ridgeland's best espresso is now the cheapes...
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