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By Lori Benson, Elevating your health, wealth & happiness
( Elevacity )
How do you know what to work towards if you have no goals or vision for what is ahead?  2019 is promising to be a huge year for me and my team and we establish goals weekly, monthly and quarterly.  I also track my business to compare growth and sales.  We are very engaged with each other daily and share in training and tips to grow business to the next level.  I think it is imperative to be around others on a similiar path as you and to have people who radiate positivity in daily activities with you.  We all need empowerment from others to keep going.  Find a mentor who is where you want to be and focus on doing what they do consistently.  I am a believer in - if they can do it - i can do it !I also believe that anyone with a burning desire to want better for their life along with being...
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By Beth Scharwath, I'd love to be your agent
(RE/MAX Real Estate Partners)
This is new search feature in our MLS actually allows you a private log in page to searches you can set up or I can set up for you.  For example: I can set up a search for active listings in your subdivision and it will email you anytime a house comes up for sale. Or you can log in to your portal and actually see all the homes actively for sale in your neighborhood. Even if you don't plan to move for sometime, I'm sure this is information anyone would love to have.Just email me if you want a portal account or visit my website  www.searchhattiesburg.com and click Search MLS.
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