East Swope Highlands (Kansas City, MO)
By Ben Edsall
(Turn-Key Properties LLC, Missouri and Kansas Real Estate)
For many years I have been using my big green tractor to plow my neighbors drives, push snow off the hills on Scenic Drive and pull folks stuck vehicles out of ditches. Now for folks who live in the country, this may seem like normal everyday stuff. It just so happens I live in the heart of Kansas City, MO. KC has two dubious distinctions; it is in the top 20 of the most violent cities in the nation and it is firmly implanted as the "most abandoned city in the nation". So to think of people still helping one another and still working together as neighbors flies in the face of conventional wisdom. Well, I'm just an 'ol country boy, stuck here in this hell hole of a city until God grants me providence to vacate this desolate crime infested mess. So in the mean-time; my grandson, Cody and ...
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