Mac-groveland (Saint Paul, MN)
By Sharlene Hensrud, Realtor. Listener. Knowledgable. Patient.
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When the listing agent for a home my clients are buying in St. Paul's Macalaster-Groveland neighborhood told me it was once the site of the Minnesota governor's residence it immediately piqued my interest. It is apparent that this particular stretch of Mac-Groveland bordering the Mississipi River is different. The streets are curving rather than straight, and there is a short divided parkway... ... with a round 'island' in the middle of the intersection at the end of the parkway. The houses are in different styles, built at different times including a whole street of mid-century moderns... but all appear to be upscale custom designs. Then I found an old stone bridge on a drive between two homes next to the one my clients are buying... starting at Mississippi River Boulevard and winding...
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