Red Fox Cove (Maple Grove, MN)
By Bonnie Erickson
(Tangletown Realty)
Once upon a time there was a lovely townhouse sitting amongst the green of its grassy slice of pie. The lovely Maple Grove townhouse was filled with memories of happy family days having sheltered only one owner through times of joy and times of sadness, infancies and graduations, comings and goings. The lovely townhome had been loved and cared for throughout her life. But a new era approached for the lovely townhome and it feared lovely would change to lonely. Its only owners were moving on in their lives and the lovely townhome could not join them. Whatever would she do? Lonely was not what she wanted. She wanted to once again shelter a family, provide an anchor for memories of little ones and grown ones, of gatherings that required her space. "Ah," thought the lovely townhouse. "I sh...
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