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By Lynn Johnson, Owatonna, MN Real Estate
(Coldwell Banker Home Connection)
AARP/Blue Zones Vitality Project Albert Lea, Minnesota will be the center of an innovative, research-backed 10-month pilot project designed to improve the health and projected life expectancy of people of all ages who live and work in the city.  The goal is to add at least 10,000 years of projected life expectancy to the people of Albert Lea (that's at least two years of projected life expectancy per participant) through environmental and individual changes. Instead of focusing on a diet and exercise program, the project encourages the best practices of the world's longest-lived populations with strategies such as making it easier to get around on foot or by bicycle; encouraging the development of social networks; and providing healthier fast-food options, among others. Between now and ...
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By Eduardo Alvear - Albert Lea Coldwell Banker Home Connection
(Coldwell Banker Home Connection - Albert Lea, MN)
Strange question, eh? The other day I was in front of a group of people with my fly down. Pretty embarrassing. I thought no one noticed since no one brought it to my attention. Later that morning I casually brought it up in conversation to someone in the group that had seen me. I said, "My fly was down but it's a good thing no one noticed."... She told me that she noticed but was to embarrassed to tell me. I think it was much more embarrassing for me. Would a real friend not be so afraid? Have you ever done something like that? Maybe have a piece if broccoli in your teeth or something dangling from your nose and not find out until looking in the mirror some time later. Sometimes I think I'll wear my fly down or eat broccoli just to see who my real friends are....
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