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Jackman, ME Real Estate News

By Jon Whitney
(Anne Plummer and Associates)
North of the Rangeley Lakes area, running along the Canadian border, is the Jackman Region. The town of Jackman is the only town of any size in this region and has been a destination for outdoor enthusiasts and sportsmen for years. Nestled among the lakes and mountains of the Moose River Valley, Jackman serves as a jumping off place for fishermen, snowmobilers, hikers, and bikers. Take the Bow Trip, a 34 mile wilderness canoe trip, or bike the Jackman Rockwood Trail, which provides mountain bikers 30 miles of trail runs, rail beds, and old gravel roads. In the winter, snowmobilers make Jackman a hub of activity as ITS 86 and 89 provide links to The Forks, the Moosehead/Katahdin region, Eustis, and Quebec. Many campsites and hiking trails are found in the area, making access to a true wi...
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