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By Jon Whitney
(Anne Plummer and Associates)
One would be hard pressed to find a more remote wilderness area in the lower 48 than this most northwest area of Maine that we call The Allagash. It is also referred to, quite accurately, as The Great North Woods. Largely owned by paper company and timber interests and encompassing no towns, save Allagash, this huge area features several large lakes in the south and rivers in the north. The Allagash and St. John Rivers bisect the northern part of this region providing canoeists and fishermen with an unparalleled wilderness experience as they follow the Allagash Wilderness Waterway. To the south are the large lakes - Chamberlain, Caucomgomoc, Allagash, Churchill, Munsungan, Eagle, and Chemquasabamticook. The region is also spotted with many more smaller lakes and ponds. Criss-crossed by ...
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By Andrew Mooers | 207.532.6573, Northern Maine Real Estate-Aroostook County Broker
   Loggers and moose...just wildlife and miles of woods. That's all you would find if you get in a canoe and start down the Maine Allagash River Chain of Lakes! National Geographic's site does a good splash on the natural wonder. Maine has 2500 lakes and ponds...that enough for you to consider packing up the station wagon and heading into Maine for a wildnerness experience?  Henry David Thoreau did some of his best thinking on this part of Northern Maine that is tucked away from time in the northwest corner of Aroostook County!  This is a section of Township and Range labeled unorganized townships that don't even have names! Imagine 93 miles of lake, shore and river making up the Allagash Wildnerness Waterway that is one of the last remote, unspoiled, undiscovered national treasures. It...
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