Village Of Painter's Mills (Owings Mills, MD)
By Sherida Studwood, Epro
(PalmerHouse Properties)
People who know the rules of credit will get better rates and service. Most of us need to perform regular maintenance on our reports. What actually goes into a credit score:Credit scoring is made up of a complex mathematical formula. There are many variable bits of information that go into a score. The score that you get reflects what the credit report contains, who is pulling the score and what kind of software they are using. Your score from Experian, Equifax, or Trans Union can change from HOUR TO HOUR or Day to Day.A person's overall credit profile will determine the importance of the following factors:35% of a borrower's score is determined by their track record. The Payment History shows how they have handled credit in the past, if they have paid promptly or slowly, and if there a...
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