Lyonswood South (Owings Mills, MD)
By Sherida Studwood, Epro
(PalmerHouse Properties)
Buying a home is like investing in your future.  Your home becomes your savings account. If purchased properly it can become your retirement account, funds for college tuition, vacations and more. Buying in a not so great market is like buying stocks market is down.  Everything down will go up.  Home Buyers of today will become the Home Sellers of last year.  What I do suggest is that Buyers choose the correct financing when purchasing a home.  Some things to consider when purchasing;  How long will they live in the property?, Will the home be considered  an investment?, Do you anticipate job changes, children or relocation in the future?, etc.  The answer to some of these questions will help in selecting the correct mortgage and buying what you can afford.  For additional tools in sele...
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