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Unique Historic Property 14290 Triadelphia Rd, Glenelg, Maryland 21737AUCTION !!! September 20, 11am Once in a while I have the opportunity to take on a unique, listing.  Nothing gets my creative juices flowing faster than a challenge. I listed just such a house and thought it would be fun to follow it through to sale in my blog.At first glance it's a lovely old country church complete with steeple and stained glass. Look again and you see that there is a modern section attached to one side with lots of windows angled to capture the sun. Tatiana purchased this property over 30 years ago and made a wonderful  6 bedroom 4 1/2 bath home for her family of three children to enjoy.Now step inside and find yourself in a soaring space that holds an art gallery as well as the artist's home and s...
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