Hunterbrooke (Fulton, MD)
By Tim McIntyre
(Ellicott City Realtor, Catonsville Realtor)
Can the Home of Your Dreams Fit Your Eco Friendly Lifestyle?  You may have heard that when looking for Real Estate, your top 3 considerations should be: location, location, location. And while location certainly matters, I've found that for most Buyers, the important factors to evaluate include: Location Schools and Family Life Neighborhood Nuisances, or the lack thereof - privacy, noise, etc. Lifestyle - how does a home or community fit in with a Buyer's choices in lifestyle The last item on that list - lifestyle - I've seen a big shift recently toward Buyers who are preferring to look for homes that suit their other Eco Friendly Lifestyle choices.  While it may not be at the top of Buyers' lists, it certainly is a factor for many people looking for homes today. The home at 8100 Hunte...
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