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By Margaret Rome Baltimore 410-530-2400, Sell Your Home With Margaret Rome
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Today was a first for me - a full hour hosting "All About Real Estate" on WCBM Radio in Baltimore, with no guest. Just me and the microphone. I can talk to anyone, but I found out it is easier to have a conversation when you have someone to listen to!  Those first 20 minutes, I was really sweating. There was no one for me to listen to or to start a conversation with. Once you get me started it can be hard to stop me. But I need to respond to others, to listen between the pauses, to have something to react to. I wondered what would I do if no one called in? Yes, I could have talked about every one of my listings - and I would have - but I wanted it to be an interesting show for people listening.I shouldn't have worried. Once the phone started ringing, we couldn't keep up with all the cal...
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By Margaret Rome Baltimore 410-530-2400, Sell Your Home With Margaret Rome
( HomeRome Realty 410-530-2400)
Sunday, July 23, 2006June Home Sales are Up and Down I saw a chart the other day that was good news or bad news – you could look at it either way. Being the TypeE personality I am, I still see good opportunities for both buyers and sellers in the current real estate market.Here’s what the statistics showed for Baltimore County single family homes in June 2006:There were 1,678 new listings – that was down from May. There were 1,002 sales and contingent contracts – also down from May The total inventory of single family homes for sale was 3,288 – up from May The number crunchers compared June 2006 to June 2005 and found that:The total number of houses sold was down almost 17% from a year ago The average sale price was $315,802 – up from a year ago when it was just over $301,000 The averag...
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By Nelson Bayne, Mortgage Lending / Mortgage Banking
(Provident State Bank)
Hi - I have been a successful lender in the Baltimore Area for "way too many years." I can help you sleep at night by handling your customers within the lending guidelines set up by FannieMae, FREDDIE MAC and many various lenders in the US. We currently are affiliated with lenders that provide: 100% financing, 1st time homebuyer grant programs, commercial, stated income and standard loan programs. Acronyms which you will recognize include: NINA, SISA, SIVA, VIVA; if you do not recognize these call me to help you understand how to build your business by using the lending market to your advantage and helping your buyers obtain the most competitive loan program.  Referrals are the key, I have existed for "so many years" because of referrals.  Many times I have worked with customers again a...
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