Lake Evesham (Baltimore, MD)
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Tucked into the northern section of Baltimore, just a couple of blocks south of the Baltimore County Line, is a neighborhood of about 250 homes. Residents are within walking distance of the the Senator Theatre, Belvedere Square, and restaurants, grocery stores, and shopping areas. Towson is just a five minute drive to the north, and downtown Baltimore only about 15 minutes to the south.Lake Evesham was originally part of a larger estate called Midwood. When the property was divided in the 1890's, the largest parcel was called Chestnut Park, and this was the area that is Lake Evesham today. There was little development until the early part of the 20th Century. The first homes date from the 1900's, and a building boom after World War I added many more. By the 1930's, most of the homes and...
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