Metairie (Metairie, LA)
By Eric Bouler, Listening to your Needs
( Gardner Realtors, Licensed in La.)
Experience Matters! The Blog Sellers Win ! Contact      January 3, 2020 Categories  Tags  Metairie has many parks but Lafreniere is one of the largest with great walks and views. You can walk and drive the park. I went here to see all the ducks,swans,birds and statures while walking many paths. The park was started in 1982 and was a race track park until 1977.   Lots of Ponds and Walkways     Related posts
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By Terez B. Harris, Your Real Estate Advocate
(Keller Williams Realty New Orleans)
  As your Local Realtor, and lifetime Metairie resident, I'd like to share with you a few of my picks for  "My Favorites of Metairie"   Favorite Italian Food:     Vincent's Italian Cuisine 4411 Chastant St, Metairie, LA 70006(504) 885-2984       Favorite Dermatologist: Bopp Dermatology & Facial Plastic Surgery3421 N Causeway Blvd #102, Metairie, LA 70002(504) 455-9933Favorite Tax Attorney: John Zamora III4420 Conlin St # 101, Metairie, LA 70006(504) 455-4294Favorite Heart Doctor: Cardiovascular Specialists Inc Dr. Lois Mailander4224 Houma Blvd. #500, Metairie, LA 70006(504) 455-0842                                                    Terez B. Harris Keller Williams Realty New Orleans 504 975 1033 8601 Leake Ave., New Orleans, La 70118   http://t...
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By Terez B. Harris, Your Real Estate Advocate
(Keller Williams Realty New Orleans)
The kids are gone. Your big house seems either dreadfully empty or just plain wasteful.  Congrats: you are officially in possession of a Metairie empty nest! Now it’s time to consider where and how you want to live next. When Do You Sell? It's not a bad time to be selling in Metairie—but since you will be buying, too, you would have to deduce that it might not be the perfect time to be on that side of the table. When you are swapping your full-sized family home for a snug nest for two, you want to get full value for your old home without paying too much for the new one. If you can swing it, you may want to buy before you sell. That puts you in control of the time factor, providing freedom to hold out for a prime offer while you find new digs at a reasonable price. What Will You Need? An...
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