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I will admit two things: 1) most reality TV is pretty crappy and 2) I apparently love crap.  It's junk food for the mind, really.  However, I have a new guilty pleasure: "Swamp People" on the History Channel.  And it's not crap!  The show is set in the bayous of Louisiana (must be said like "Loozeeana") during the 30 day Alligator Season (yes, they have an Alligator Season).  With guys named Cleetus and Junior, how can you go wrong?  Then there's Troy (who talks like Ray, the lightning bug from Disney's "The Princess and The Frog"), who thrust his bare hand into the muddy waters to loosen the line that was caught up in the roots of the Bald Cypress trees that grow in the area...while it was attached to the alligator...THAT HE COULD NOT SEE!  Yeah, I was hooked from that point on. Then t...
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By Craig Martin, Where Knowledge and Experience Meet Hardwork!!
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Can you believe that it is the Fourth of July already?  That means that it is time for the great celebration of the birth of our country.  Today, I thought I would share with you some firework safety tips and where you can see great public fireworks displays in Tangipahoa Parish. Home Firework Safety Tips:     * Obey local firework laws and restrictions.  Fireworks are legal in Tangipahoa Parish.  However, they are not legal within Hammond city limits.    * Do not alter the fireworks.  Read the directions printed on the fireworks label and follow them.    * Do not place fireworks in any type of metal or glass containers.    * Always have an adult supervise children.  It is recommended that no child under 12 should handle any type of fireworks.    * Always have a hose nearby.  Place spen...
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By Craig Martin, Where Knowledge and Experience Meet Hard Work!!
(Darren James Real Estate Experts)
Todays real estate market seems to be slowly, but surely moving back up to pre-Katrina Levels.  No longer can a price be thrown onto the market and multioffers come pouring in.  In todays real estate market marketing is the key to winning the real estate game. Working hard, focusing efforts, insuring internet presence, classified advertising all have to be done to get a property sold.  In this market there are limited buyers and those buyers know that they are in a unique position.  They are taking there time reviewing properties and looking at more properties and not really feeling the fear of losing a property because they do not act quickly.  If one is trying to sell a property in this market there are several key factors that must be put into consideration.  The first is you must pu...
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