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By Kathy Judy
(Tri-Cities Real Estate retired)
I took another Jordan Valley Oregon listing Monday.  I'll post it on localism later today.  I had been trying to get there for a week.  It's 90 some miles from my office!   Malheur County Oregon is huge bigger than several states.  I get on US 95 and drive through Parma, Wilder and cross the Snake and into Homedale, then there's only 57 more miles.  Then 95 turns south and goes up Marsing Hill - looking back  you have a spectacular view of the Boise and Treasure Valleys.  Then it's through high desert hills and little canyons till you hit a few ranches then it's only 20 miles.  Jordan Valley is a ranching community with a capital R!  I have history here my great great grandfather Silas Skinner bought a ranch here in 1860 to raise horses for the cavalry.  Don;t know how he even found or ...
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Information gathered from the Idaho energy audits in Murphy, Owyhee County, Idaho will be used to determine energy efficiency, retrofitting and weatherization projects using funds from the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grants (EECBG). Retrofitting projects will include air infiltration, energy efficient windows and doors, insulation levels, weather-stripping and caulking, and electric base loads.   Using its EECBG formula funding to retrofit and improve the energy efficiency of a number of it's municipal buildings that will result in substantial reduction in energy usage. EECBG Formula grants can be used for energy efficiency and conservation programs and projects community wide, as well as renewable energy installations on local municipal buildings, city facilities, local ci...
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By Kathy Judy
(Tri-Cities Real Estate retired)
What an interesting client - we won the repo bidding war.  I've driven the 31 miles to Homedale 3 times with him now.  It's been fun because we share similar politcial views something that RARELY happens in this very conservative area.  I have unintentionally been very current in my real estate business with him.  Because it was comfortable and warm and pleasant we went to Homedale's MoxieJava coffeehouse to sign papers several times.  Isn't that just where we are supposed to operate in the "you don't really need an office" age?  It is also a bistro named Cafe Leku which I understand is Basque for meeting place.  Homedale has a lot of Basque descent folks as does our whole area.  The other half of the building is occupied by a real estate agency who I understand owns the building - that...
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