95th On The Ocean (Surfside, FL)
By Walter Abolsky, Sunny Isles Beach Real Estate
95th On The Ocean, Surfside, 4 condos for sale & sold - 95th On The Ocean95th On The Ocean, 9501 Collins Ave, Surfside, FL 33154....   95th On The Ocean condos for sale     Recent Sales 95th On The Ocean A1771587,10,A,22,95TH ON THE OCEAN,"5,750,000",4,5,1,T52,9501 COLLINS # TH 7,SPLTLEV,  ,  ,2013,2,Y,35,  ,  A1772636,10,A,22,95TH ON THE OCEAN,"3,808,000",4,5,1,T52,9501 COLLINS # TH 2,SPLTLEV,  ,  ,2013,2,Y,33,  ,  A1773596,10,A,22,95TH ON THE OCEAN,"3,450,000",4,5,1,T52,9501 COLLINS AVE # TH 3,SPLTLEV,  ,  ,2013,2,Y,32,  ,  A1771988,10,A,22,95 TH ON THE OCEAN,"2,950,000",4,5,1,T52,9501 COLLINS AVE # TH 1,SPLTLEV,  ,  ,2013,2,Y,34,  ,    95th On The Ocean, 9501 Collins Ave, Surfside, FL 33154   With our extremely wide presence on the Internet, including our Sunny Isles Real Estate and...
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