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By Maria Borci, P.A., TRC, REO - Doral Pinecrest FL Real Esta
(Colfax Realty Group) Attracts 5 to 6 million unique visits monthly, accounts for 67 % of all the time spent by visitors looking at all Internet real estate sites, lists more than 2 million properties in the U.S. and Canada at any given time, making it the world's largest single source of homes for sale along with World and has business relationships with AOL, MSN, and the Wall Street Journal (among others) that direct traffic to the site.When my listings are viewed by prospective buyers in they are showcased with a Keyes red banner that contains all my personal information and links to my website and e-mail.I receive many calls from, with 5 millions visitors a month this is a great benefit to all us. Presented By MARIA BORCI PA, ABR-TRC-ASPCALL-LIST-SOLD  M...
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By Maria Borci, P.A., TRC, REO - Doral Pinecrest FL Real Esta
(Colfax Realty Group)
Today I feel writing about some more personal stuff. All my friends know I am a Capricorn - and my birthday was last Sunday January 20- Thanks!Getting involved with Feng Shui Real Estate and Chinese astrology somehow-  thanks to Carole Provenzale- - I'd got interested in what the astrology bring in for all Capricorn's this year-Are you a Capricorn too? Fasten your seat belts and listen to these predictions- they're awesome!!!Pluto is about to make a stunning move out of Sagittarius and into Capricorn on January 25. Pluto is associated with power and money, as well as with complete regeneration and renewal. As the planet farthest from the Sun in our solar system, Pluto has the slowest orbit around the Sun and therefore spends the longest time in each sign and house of the zodiac. That al...
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