Hideaway Beach (Marco Island, FL)
By Christine O'Shea
(Christine E O'Shea Broker)
This is to be the first in a series of “High End Clubs in the Naples Area”.    Prompted by my neighbor, the Lovely “M.J”, I wanted there to be a no obligation resource for folks to go and have a look around.   As always, I am Happy to Help with any questions you may have regarding Real Estate in and around South West FL.   Upon a search of our Naples Area Multiple Listing Service, the highest priced property popped up in Hideaway Beach…so Hideaway Beach on Marco Island it is:   Hideaway Beach is located on Marco Island, FL off of Kendal Drive on the North end of the Island.  Hideaway beach has over 300 Acres of land and is surrounded by water on three sides, Collier Bay, Gulf of Mexico and Marco River.     Amenities include a golf course, tennis courts, private Beach Club and dining.  T...
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By Colleen Irwin, Creative Real Estate Solutions...
Marco Island is a boating community and has lots of canals...  There are three types of seawalls on these canals:  Original Deltona, T-Pile and Replacement Wall.  Original Walls Designed by Deltona - these walls are over 30 years old and are normally 10'-12' in depth and 5'8' width and 4"-5" thick.T-Pile are 20'-22' poured concrete pilings;panels are normally 10-12' depth 5'-8' wide and 4"-5" thickReplacement Wall are generally thicker and better made, 14'long 6"thick, 5'wide and 5' into the berm.Some Terminology you might want to be familiar with:Seawall Cap - Ties the panels together at the top -- there are two types Non-Structural and structural.Tie Backs - Threaded steel rods that goes from the seawall to a poured concrete anchor approximately 15' into the yard and located every 10'...
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