The Colonnades (Hutchinson Island, FL)
By Kenneth Theobald, Your Keller Williams Realtor on Hutchinson Island
Whenever I get into conversations about real estate on Hutchinson Island, which is almost all of the time, I am invariably asked "what's happening with the market?"   I just happen to have a great market study resource in Realtors Property Resource.  Here is the latest market facts as of today for the Hutchinson Island 34949 zip code: Housing Facts and Stats   34949 Fort Pierce St. Lucie County Florida Median Estimated Home Value $226K $82.6K $116K $141K Estimated Home Value 12-Month Change 16.4% 8.6% 12.8% 12.6% Median List Price $249K $129K $128K $150K List Price 1-Month Change 3.8% –0.7% 2% –3.2% List Price 12-Month Change 8.3% 22.9% 18.1% 0% Median Home Age 24 34 23 30 Own 77% 50% 75% 69% Rent 23% 50% 25% 31% Vacancy 8.76% 11.76% 9.1% – $ Value of all buildings for which permits wer...
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By Kenneth Theobald, Your Keller Williams Realtor on Hutchinson Island
I guess they do not call this the Treasure Coast for nothing!  A mother and daughter dive team found over $300,000 off the coast of Fort Pierce/Hutchinson Island in only twenty feet of water. And I also appreciate the segway into talking about another treasure.  This unique listing for your winter, holiday, or vacation home here on Hutchinson Island is only twenty feet from the water with a 25' boat slip available.  The slip is only $500 a YEAR! If this is your first time to our blog, my name is Ken Theobald and my wife is Pam.  Pam and I have been entrepreneurs virtually all of our lives.  We started out in the advertising and marketing business which led to new product development.  The last business that we started and sold was Maine Grill...
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