Ridge At Hiwan (Evergreen, CO)
By Malou van Eijk, Foothills Real Estate
(Benchmark Realty, LLC)
First Impression:  You probably have heard how important first impressions can be.  But did you know that within the first 15 seconds a buyer had developed an opinion of your property?  This is why establishing the right first impression is critical to success.Exterior                                                         The Home Front:  Street:  Make sure the street in front of your home is free of litter and debris.Fire Hydrant:  Although you do not own it make sure it is clean and maintained.Sidewalk:  Sweep your sidewalk entry, remove weeds.Mailbox/Light Fixtures:  Paint the old box and make sure the light fixtures are not worn and rusted.  Fence/Decks:  Freshly stained/ painted fence and decks.Front Walkway:  Clean and sweep and repair cracks.Driveway:  Ensure surface condition ...
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