Briargate (Colorado Springs, CO)
Briargate is a popular neighborhood in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Located on the northern end of Colorado Springs, the Briargate neighborhood is close to both Castle Rock and Denver. Briargate is home to Academy District number 20 schools. This is very popular school district and one of the primary reasons people move to Briargate. The school district has a wide range of activities as well as course offerings which make it very popular.Last quarter when we compiled these statistics, we did so expecting to see the numbers soften significantly in Q2 due to the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic. When we did dig into the Q2 numbers, we were pleasantly surprised to see that all of the pertinent statistics were better in Q2. Aside from a short break during the quarantine, the Briargate real est...
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Windjammer is a well established Colorado Springs neighborhood located in the Briargate area of Northern Colorado Springs, Colorado. Windjammer is in the Academy School District #20 attendance area. The neighborhood is close to amenities like shopping, restaurants and entertainment.Here are the real estate statistics for the Windjammer neighborhood for February of 2018 through February of 2019.Windjammer is located in the Briargate area a Colorado Springs, Colorado. Briargate offers a wide range of great neighborhoods. Here's a list of some of our clients favorite Briargate neighborhoods. Cordera Gatehouse Village Pine Creek Windjammer Wolf Ranch
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By Joe Boylan
Briargate Colorado Springs is located in the northern part of El Paso County, Colorado and Just east of the United States Air Force Academy. The Briargate Neighborhood has seen a lot of new growth to the east from the Cordera Community This area looks to continue its growth and development for several years.New commercial development in the Powers Corridor and Popular Academy District #20 Schools seem to be driving this popularity. Here are the basic Briargate Colorado Springs Real Estate Market Statistics for the first quarter of 2018. Briargate Colorado Springs Real Estate Market State-Q1-2018 Number of Sales 206 Average Days on Market 48 Median Sales Price $382,950 Median Sale Price Per Square Foot $126  A Historic Look at Median Sales PriceBriargate Colorado Springs consistently sel...
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The Briargate subdivision of Colorado Springs saw a new high Median Sales price in January of 2018 of $384,900. This is a big deal for a subdivision that started with home sales in the low $100's back in the 80's. As a matter of fact, I remember being at a Colorado Springs Real Estate Company in the late 90's when an agent announced in an office meeting "Can you believe someone just listed a house in Briargate for $350,000?". This was a big deal back then because Briargate was where you took your buyers that were looking in the $150,000 to $250,000 range. The community was well planned and pricing was very consistent. Briargate Real Estate Stats: January 2018 vs. 2017   January 2018 2017 Number Sold 61 63 (Jan 2017) Average Days on Market 62 34 (all of 2017) Median List Price $392,658 $...
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The Briargate real estate market has been one of the stronger stories in the greater Colorado Springs Real Estate market. Over the last ten years, this area has seen a Median Sales Price 18% increase from 2007 but a 35% increase from its recession low in 2010.The most surprising statistic is the actual number of home sales we are seeing in the Briargate Real Estate Market. The number of sales remains high, 89 sales in October, while the median price climbs. Here is the breakdown on the Briargate Market for October of 2017. Briargate Colorado-Real Estate Statistics 2007-2017 Year Homes Sold Median Sales Price Median Price Per Sq Ft Average Days on Market 2007 883 $294,900 $103,14 87 2008 673 $282,150 $99.27 101 2009 601 $270,000 $96.75 89 2010 614 $260,000 $94.82 92 2011 580 $263,700 $92...
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