Kawana Springs (Santa Rosa, CA)
By Dave Roberts
(Healdsburg Sotheby's International Realty)
Kawana Springs and the post-world war II subdivision just north of it represent two sides of the entry level home market in Santa Rosa. They are blocks apart physically, but miles apart in terms of amenities, style, price, and maintenance. Location unites them, but so does the attractiveness of both sets of homes as entry level housing in Santa Rosa. The area that was named Stellar Gardens in the early 1950's includes Santa Ana, Santa Barbara, San Domingo, Elsinore, Moraga, and San Clemente Drives. These were very modest homes, even when they were new. On the other hand, their relatively small square footage (877 to 1177 square feet) and nice sized lots (.13 to .25 of an acre) promised an upgrade in the future to returning GI's as the second wave of the Boomer babies were being born. Pr...
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