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By raman kandola
(kandola mortgage services)
        I have been battling with realtor(s) for the past four (4) years, for the rates, and strustures of loan in thefinancing circle.  Foreclosure's now coming in a big way, so is hard money coming every out.  The same realtorsI have been dealing for the past four to five years have been facing a problem with the "hard money" interest rates.  For those realtors who have made "ka-ching" during the boom time, has been having a problem considering the rates from the hard money.      They have to realize they can not sell this notes in the secondary market at all.  It is not all ways a no-doc loanthey look at the ltv, even though it is high interest loanthey look at the propertythey look at the circumstances of the loan           But it is win-win situation for the principal, and the lend...
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By Von Do
(Tuscany Realty)
Sellers prepare to sale in today market Most sellers wish they had planned to sale their home last year.  This year is a challenge to sale your home if you don’t price right.  Most sellers makes mistake by pricing their home with last year price.  You may be in denial; denial may cost you money if you don’t follow what experience REALTOR® suggestion or recommendations. Inventory is almost double from last year and fewer buyers are on the market.  That will leave potential buyers with more choices and you should anticipate longer to receiving an offer. The average days on the market are between 40-50 days. Seller should prepare to choose a REALTOR® that will provide the following CMA, help prepare your home in a perfect condition, and great marketing campaign in a slow market. What is C...
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 In a Seller Market, a buyer has to have every document ready, prepare beyond other buyers bid, and hope that alone will be enough to get an offer accepted.  For example, last year (2004-2005) multiple-offers is common.  In order for buyer to purchase a home he or she has to have pre-approved letter, write a personal letter to the seller explaining why you want the seller property, and often time no contingency on the offer.  Not to add, you over bid the asking price, and does this sound familiar. In today market, inventory is plenty, and homes are on the market twice as long.  Look as thought the market has shift to buyer market or balance market in some desire area.  The question is still remained, should the buyer need to prepare all documents while in the buyer market?  Such as pre...
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