La Colina @ Miramonte (San Jose, CA)
By Katrina Benton, Property Marketing Specialist
(Come Home Inc)
La Colina homes in Los Gatos CA Find similar homes for sale to the La Colina Homes in Los Gatos CA These Los Gatos CA homes have a super convenient location in Los Gatos CA.  You will feel right at home in the La Colina homes in Los Gatos CA. Request a custom evaluation for your Home in La Colina in Los Gatos CA. Spacious Quality Built Homes In this section you should talk about the individual homes. How big are they? How many bedrooms? What is the floor plan like? Square footage? Do you know when they were built? Fixtures? Appliances? What are they like? Anything outstanding about the units? Do they have views? Parking? What is one home like? Prices vary depending upon floor plan, size, view, age, condition, updating and remodeling.  Home prices range between $665,000 to $849,000.  Th...
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