Wild Animal Park (San Diego, CA)
By William Johnson, Retired
San Diego Safari Park Announces that the Butterfly Jungle is Now Open  This past Wednesday, March 28th, Butterfly Jungle was opened at Safari Park. 30 different species are represented in the many thousands of colorful creatures. The hidden jungle aviary is planted with hundreds of specific plant species that supply nectar for the different species of butterflies. The exhibit is Open through April 15th and is one of the true marvels at Safari Park.  The photo above was taken there last year along with hundreds of other photos of these stunning butterflies. In the wild, butterflies are not that easy to get good photos of. But here at Safari Park with camera ready, they sort of perk up to get their photos taken. Safari Park as I have mentioned many times before is one of the true treasure...
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Halloween and the Creepy Crawly Festivalat the San Diego Zoo Safari Park If you have so much fun with Halloween that you would like to prolong it a couple of weeks, you need to check out the San Diego Zoo Safari Park's Creepy Crawly Festival. Not only will you find the typical Halloween decorations done to the extreme — spiders and spiderwebs, ghosts, goblins, ghouls — but on weekends through November 13, you'll enjoy things that you never thought you'd enjoy, such as lady bug releases — who can resist the cuteness of little ladybugs? a cockroach petting zoo — uh, okay. a bug show and demonstrations on the proper techniques of bug feeding — you mean we're not supposed to just squash them? a bird show and the proper techniques of feeding them — birds I can handle. a special walkway cove...
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By Jim Frimmer, Realtor & CDPE, Mission Valley specialist
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This is one of a series titledOut & About San Diegowith Jim Frimmer,your Mission Valley Realtor.Read others in this seriesright here. ♪♫♫☺♫♫♪   About 45 miles north northeast of downtown San Diego is the Wild Animal Park.   The Wild Animal Park is part of the Zoological Society of San Diego, which also operates the San Diego Zoo, but at 1,800 acres, the Wild Animal Park is about 18 times larger than the San Diego Zoo. Many people don't realize that in addition to being world-class zoos, both facilities are also internationally recognized botanical gardens. Together they have over one million plants on about 1,900 acres. One of the best collections at the Wild Animal Park is the Epiphyllum House.   All of the plants in the Epiphyllum House have been donated by the San Diego Epiphyllum S...
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