Redlands, CA Real Estate News

By Inland Empire Real Estate Short Sale Pro,
people like to live here because it is a larger city that still acts likea smaller city." A representative of a major local employer similarlycommented that Redlands is the jewel of the Inland Empire because it"is more cosmopolitan than the surrounding region. It has everythingthe people need to do: shop, work, and good education for the kids.It can be compared to portions of Woodland Hills/Calabasas, mixedwith Third Street Promenade in Santa Monica and San Luis Obispo."There was widespread agreement on the contributions of historicneighborhoods, and downtown-as well as the community'shistory-in giving Redlands special buildings, ambiance and meaning.For many, the sense of history is tied to the city's early orange grovesand citrus economy, and the loss of orchards and packing housesfro...
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