Orange, CA Real Estate News

By Zulma Villegas
(REMAX Homes & Estates & Orange Cities Escrow)
"Yeah, I'd like to buy a house....someday". Homeownership is still out of reach for many Californians. Unfortunately, many woud-be-homeowners don't know where to begin. My best advice, start by managing your credit. Often, I find that many people are unaware of their current credit score until the time comes to make a large purchase like a car or a home. With a little determination, however, and a solid game plan, you can control your credit, and improve your credit score in the process. How? Start by cutting the cards. I don't literally mean shred your cards but you do need to stop using them routinely. Break the habit of reaching for your credit cards by carrying cash and giving yourself a weekly cash allowance for all your expenditures. Think strategically by deciding on two to four ...
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