Big Canyon Mclain (Newport Beach, CA)
By Jill Murty, Realtor - Orange County, CA
The Young Open House Visitors Who Made My Day Today, I hosted open house at my nice listing on 16 Canyon Island in Newport Beach when two young ladies whose combined age was probably a couple of years shy of twenty, walked in and asked if it was okay to see the open house.   I said of course.  They politely asked if I wanted shoes off or for them to wear shoe covers.  I answered and they toured the property.  They gave me feedback on the property and compared it to others they'd seen.   The young ladies were more polite and thoughtful than some (or many) adults who visit open house. I'd given each of the girls a pop-up calendar, which they really liked.  They left the open house and returned a few minutes later with a friend.  I asked if they needed another calendar.  "Yes, please."  Th...
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