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By James A. Browning, MRE REOCertified(R) SSCertified
(Browning Real Estate School/REO Institute)
6 Common Short Sales Misunderstandings:   Short sale transactions can be an excellent choice for homeowners who must sell and who owe more on their homes than their current values. Unfortunately, there are numerous  misunderstandings regarding short sales, and it is extremely important to understand the proper procedures and best practices in this process should you choose this path for your homeowners/sellers.    Misunderstanding # 1: THE LENDER/BANK WOULD RATHER FORECLOSE THAN CONSIDER A SHORT SALE TRANSACTION. This is likely the most common misunderstanding.  In reality, banks DO NOT want to foreclosure on properties, as the foreclosure process is rather costly and lengthy. Banks, lenders, investors, and even the Federal Government have stated publicly if a homeowner is qualified for...
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Because they make you smile! and they let you know all the hard work is for all the right reasons and that your clients are important and if you don't take care of them, someone else will (OR WON'T as the case so often is in real estate). I love working for clients like Lana & Doug Strasburg. They are 110% of the reason I am in this business. Making rural dreams come true, one property at a time, one client at a time . . . Here is the letter they recently sent to my broker: December 16,2009 TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN: This will serve as a letter of reference for Paul Weir, Realtor Associate, for United Country Realty. When we made the decision to look at properties in the Grass Valley area, a friend of ours put us in contact with Paul Weir. Our friend told us what a wonderful guy he is, but...
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