Huntington View (Huntington Beach, CA)
By Barbara Jennings, Decorate-Redecorate.Com
(Academy of Staging and Redesign)
Yesterday I got an email from a stager/redesigner who is quite discouraged. She is new to the business, doesn't have many photos, and has only had one paid redesign. The rest were freebies for friends. Here is the essence of what I wrote her. The experiences of entrepreneurs is always so vastly different, that no one could possibly set any bench marks for progress or ultimate success.  Many people start out with a promise from an agent they know that they will get immediate business. Others know no one.  Many people haven't sat down and cultivated a list of all the people they know and focus on getting a sit down conversation with them over lunch or coffee.  You might know just a few people - but they know people you don't know, who know other people you don't know.  For most people it ...
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