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By James A. Browning, MRE REOCertified(R) SSCertified
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  Even though less securitized commercial mortgage loan deals moved into special servicing in 2012 analysts are cautiously optimistic for 2013. By Amilda Dymi JAN 9, 2013   And the prolonged and inconclusive fiscal cliff debate is one of the factors bound to affect the CMBS market performance this year. In the first days of the year as an incomplete fiscal cliff deal was passed by Congress, avoiding a worst case scenario, Barclays analysts wrote in their weekly report, “It leaves the door open for further legislative battles in a few months,” and uncertainty that will result in some spread volatility. Consequently, while CMBS spreads tightened sharply during the first days of January, analysts are not certain what the case may be in the following months. The CMBS market reacted to the l...
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