Village H (Carlsbad, CA)
By Cody Haworth, Carlsbad Homes for Sale
(Four Seasons Properties)
Steve’s Screens Company Quality Screen Doors and Windows Since 1975 2680 State Street Carlsbad, CA 92008 760.729.0790               The workshop was that of an old world craftsman.  Tools on the walls, an oversized workbench, parts and signs of projects large and small.  Lots of supplies; each in their places.  Everyone greets me and smiles when I walk into the workshop, which oddly feels more like a home.  I’m told a story of when a new face walked into the shop with a request:             “I need a 50-inch screen door for my house.  Can you do that?”              “No problem,” is the reply.              “So we’re clear; not 48-inches, not 52-inches, I need 50-inches.”             “No problem,” the proprietor repeats.  “You live somewhere near Turnbull.  I can ha...
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  Somewhere in Time Fine Jewelry Fine Jewelers Since 1975 2832 State Street Carlsbad, CA 92008 760.434.9049               What do you know about jewelry?  Do you know the difference among Antique, Vintage, and Estate jewelry?  If that was too easy, do you know the origin and use of Mourning Pendants?  After spending about an hour in Carlsbad’s treasure store, Somewhere in Time Fine Jewelry, I received an education in jewelry, antiques, and history.  With over 37-years as a gemologist and fine jeweler, and 14-years in downtown Carlsbad, Owner Perry Coles has accumulated an extensive variety of jewelry, antiques, stories, and experiences that you don’t want to miss.  He and his team take pride in educating their clientele and spending the time required t...
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