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By Dan Dee McGinnis The Pumpkin Man, The Pumpkin Man
  Realtor   Beginning in 1978 I sold 12 homes working part time in six months in Columbus Ohio, then moved to Phoenix to continue the next 34 years of representing buyers, sellers and purchasing and giving away over 20,000 pumpkins to kids. Flying in TV station helicopters to four valley hospitals in my orange suit was an awesome experience to land on the helo pad and load 70 pumpkins onto gurneys and go through the hospital one child after another.  I shall never forget one boy said: “I remember you, you came to see me last year.” Still, enjoying the business today and for another 10 years God willing.   Published Author   Writing a book about real estate sharing successful ideas, (MYTHS AND REALITIES OF REAL ESTATE SALES) and then just two years doing it again...
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