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By Billie Hillier, Savvy Home Realty Solutions
My mom has been the treasurer for several years with the Humane Society of Clark County located in Arkadelphia, AR. "Arkadoo"  is a small town with the population of 10,000. Her and the local volunteers have donated many hours bathing animals, changing litter boxes, etc. to maintain their operation to save animals. (They are a no kill shelter.) She and others will drive out of state to pick up animals from kill shelters before they are destroyed and stand outside PetSmart 2 hours away from her home in hopes of getting these animals adopted. She has obtained several grants but they could only be used to have the animals spayed/neutered and the funds have been used. (Not to buy food, litter, etc.) 1 baby of a litter of puppies recently found   They collect the animals that the homeowners ...
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