Lake Norrell (Alexander, AR)
By Jerry Hill
(Hill Realty)
There are still lots of people in the Central Arkansas area that have never heard of Lake Norrell.  Lake Norrell is really coming out these days.  The change started about 3 years ago.  Tolleson Land & Timber Company decided to sell some of its holdings on Lake Norrell road and on North Lake Norrell Dr.  Keeping it in mind none of this property is lake front, in fact, none of it is even lake view.  What has happened is a real metamorphisis.  Large parecels of land have been cut up into smaller parcels and some of the original purchasers of Tolleson property, have started to sell.  The end result is new houses popping up everywhere.  While most of the property that has been sold isn't lake front or even lake view, some people realized that a "breathtaking" view of the foothills of the Oz...
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By David W. Bolick
(Network Real Estate, Inc.)
  Lake Norrell, in Alexander, Arkansas is a 280 acre lake located just 40 minutes from Little Rock and has been a well kept secret, with the exception of a few avid water enthusiasts who frequent Lake Norrell to take advantage of boating, fishing, scuba diving and jet skiing.  Lake Norrell, located in Northern Saline County less than 3 miles from the Pulaski County line, has been for many years the emergency or back-up water supply for the City of Benton.   In fact, Lake Norrell is owned by the City of Benton.  Normally, when you mention Lake Norrell, most people in Central Arkansas never heard of it.  Over the years Lake Norrell residents have enjoyed the quite solitude and serenity this beautiful lake had to offer.  Lake Norrell has been one of those places that is so remotely located...
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